HELOC Services

Why Hire Specialized HELOC Foreclosure Attorneys?

  • HELOC (equity line) foreclosures are different from typical foreclosures and require the know-how of specialists. The Geheren Firm has a team of seasoned HELOC foreclosure attorneys that obtain fast, consistent and thorough recoveries for our clients.
  • HELOC loans were often closed without the benefit of complete title work or title insurance. Often, such loans have title issues that need to be corrected. Our experienced lawyers and staff are expert in finding straightforward solutions to complex title problems. When simple solutions are not available, we will provide an analysis of litigation options and we have the knowledgeable litigators and staff that will aggressively push the file through to its conclusion.
  • HELOC lenders often have to contend with claims that their loans were paid off and closed in connection with a previous closing. Competing title claims are common in HELOC foreclosures. Our attorneys are well equipped to handle such disputes. We have a deep understanding of the legal issues and we know how to formulate winning arguments. We aggressively litigate our clients’ claims and have an excellent track record of success.
  • HELOC foreclosures often involve additional mortgages on title. We recognize the importance of getting good notice to junior and senior mortgagees so that they have ample opportunity and notice to bid at sale. Good notice to such lenders often results in more competitive bidding at sale and increases to the net sale proceeds. In addition, we are diligent and focused in our efforts to obtain senior payoffs prior to the time of a junior lender sale so that our clients can formulate a bid, giving due consideration to the senior payoffs.
  • HELOC default centers often need assistance with arranging monitor and bid services at senior lender sales. The Geheren Firm provides a full range of support options for senior lender sales. We have the infrastructure in place to handle Monitor and Bid services throughout the state of Georgia.
  • HELOC lenders are often faced with significant deficiencies. The Geheren Firm attorneys diligently and ethically pursue collection of these deficiencies. We will tailor a deficiency judgment procedure that is specific to our client’s needs, timelines, and budget constraints. There are several options for pursuing deficiencies in Georgia and we methodically approach each file.
  • HELOC foreclosures are not always handled well by large foreclosure mills. At the big “mill” firms, files with title issues may tend to get bogged down and fall through the cracks. Worse yet, title issues may go undiscovered until after a lender has taken steps that further damage its position or subject the lender to potential liabilities to third parties. Because of the close attention paid to each file, we can identify such problems early and pursue every file aggressively to its conclusion. Our professionals take great pride in solving the tough issues and knowing that at any other firm, those tough issues might never be solved. We are the lean, efficient and intelligent choice for lender representation in Georgia.